Mens Ministries


Men's Ministry is an outreach ministry to connect men to God and to His word. Forest Hill Men's Ministry, Men Of Honor, want to aid men in tapping into their courage to strive, succeed and grow as men in Christ. The mission of our men's ministry is to provide spiritual strength and unity amongst men by guiding, teaching, and mentoring men to become faithful fathers, loving husbands and leaders with integrity.

Specific aspects of the Forest Hill SDA Men Ministry include;

  • Encouraging mature men to be committed and dedicated in mentoring our younger men.
  • Teach men to be effective loving husbands and dedicated fathers at home.
  •  Support men in amplifying respect for one another as men and magnifying appreciation for our women.
  • Help all men and boys develop a richer and deeper relationship with God.
  • Give men the tools to reduce the cycles of violence and addictions that afflict so many men in our community.
  • Promote physical and mental health in men to help them live fuller and happier lives.

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